Musée du Nouveau Monde

La Rochelle was one of the main exchange and emigration ports opened to the New World: New France, Antilles… In this way, since the very beginning of the XVIth century, thousands of French people brought to America as an image of France, the medieval towers of La Rochelle and as their legacy, their American dream. As a testimony of the relationships between France and America, the New World museum exposes its thematic collection in the prestigious setting of an ancient and particular mansion of the XVIIIth century, the “Fleuriau hôtel”, residence of a ship owner’s family from La Rochelle, owners of a plantation in Santo Domingo. The collection of The New World’s museum includes paintings, engravings, drawings, sculptures, ancient maps and decorative art objects related to the “New World” and also French furniture from the XVIIIth century and as well as a surprising collection of colonial style American furniture.

A travers peintures, gravures, dessins, sculptures, cartes anciennes et objets d'art décoratif liés au thème du Nouveau Monde le musée vous transporte des Antilles à la Nouvelle-France et dans la conquête de l’Ouest vous amène à rencontrer le monde amérindien à travers objets et photographies d’E. Curtis.


10 rue Fleuriau
17000 La Rochelle

05 46 41 46 50

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